The Clinic

Located in the heart of Blackburn with ample parking and close to all public transport, and wheel chair access, you are invited to enter the clinic. A comfortable homely feeling with up to date magazines, television, and ambience to make you feel relaxed at an anxious moment. You are greeted as a friend and made to feel comfortable and involved in the construction of your new smile.

For all new patients, you will be asked to fill out some patient history forms so we can give you the best care possible with full respect to your privacy. All information (both clinical and non-clinical) is stored in our modern denture specific software which is password protected for your privacy. The software records all aspects of your journey with us including appointments, treatment plans, photos and clinical procedures, etc.

The clinic has taken the step to employ a qualified dental nurse who is trained in all aspects of infection control protocols. Combined with Patrick’s training in infection control adds to the safety and positive experience you will have at the denture clinic.

With two modern dental chairs and a clean functional layout, using modern accurate materials, your visits will feel short and comfortable. Being invited through all stages to be involved and a part of your new dentures and smile.

The greatest compliments we are given are how caring and easy getting new dentures are.

Technology in denture construction is paramount in the modern denture clinic these days. The patient almost commands it. Behind the scenes at the clinic you benefit as well. Every denture has hand chosen, highest quality teeth. Processed to injection moulded acrylic bases for the best possible fit.

All technicians involved in the making of your teeth have a wealth of knowledge and understanding, and pride themselves on making dentures that make you happy. We have the technology and skills to add denture characterisation, taking the gummy obvious denture pink colour out of your denture. Or that “silver” clasp on your partial denture can now be tooth coloured to look more natural. Patrick will make sure he listens to your wants and with consultation blend his skills with your desires.

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